As a Hands On Atlanta Schools-Based AmeriCorps member, you will be given the opportunity to serve in elementary, middle, and high schools helping students improve their academic performance by closing the achievement gap. 


Hands On Atlanta Schools-Based AmeriCorps members are challenged to fully participate in a cohesive, diverse, task-oriented team focused on school-based programming, service project implementation and general leadership development. Members will be committed to community service, supporting the public school system and the individual student by engaging families, teachers, community members and corporations in education. 



Schools-Based Program Development

Assist in the development of all aspects of daily service at your assigned school. Establish a daily routine, develop and implement creative and exciting activities for after-school and Saturday programs, and tutor and mentor students. 

  Program   Training

Participate fully in leadership development, service-learning integration, project development, diversity and literacy training. You'll spend the first two weeks of their service year in pre-service orientation at Hands On Atlanta.

Volunteer Management

Assist in the recruitment, retention and recognition of community volunteers who serve at various Hands On Atlanta and placement site projects, including the Discovery Program. Maintain an open and engaging atmosphere between your school, volunteers, students, and parents.

Special Events+Projects

Plan school-based special events and service projects such as: parents, friends and family night, AmeriCorps graduation, corporate sponsor days, Hands On Atlanta Day, etc. Develop and implement at least one individual service project during your term of service.



  • A monthly living allowance of $1,210
  • Basic health and dental insurance
  • Childcare subsidy, if eligible
  • Loan forbearance for federal student loans
  • Segal Education Award of $5,550 upon successful completion of service requirements

To participate in this program, State and Federal background checks are required. For a list of offenses that may disqualify you from service, please click here.




AmeriCorps is a 10-month commitment that change your life. More than 70,000 men and women are serving all over the country, turning their idealism into action through AmeriCorps. 


Elementary and Middle School Placements

  • Members serve as math and language arts tutors
  • Small group tutor sessions designed to provide students with individualized attention to strengthen foundational math and reading skills 
  • Aid teachers and enrich learning through grade-level classroom assistance
  • Associates degree or 60 credit hours post secondary education required
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred

Volunteer Management Placements

  • Serve with Project GRAD or Oglethorpe University
  • Organize service events and recruit volunteers
  • Bachelor’s degree required

High School Placements (Duties dependant on Service Site)

  • Members serve in conjunction with Project GRAD to mentor students and increase their college readiness
  • Ensure students meet requirements to earn Brumley-GRAD Scholarship through Project GRAD
  • Tutor students in math and support parental engagement efforts (non-Project GRAD schools)
  • Bachelor’s degree required


To learn more about joining our Americorps program, reach out to our Tar Heeling educator:

Louis Metcalf, Associate Director of Education Programs

p: 404.979.28 e: