Meals 4 Kids aims to ensure that the students in Hands On Atlanta’s tutorial and enrichment programs don’t go hungry on the weekends




Students/families needing assistance are identified by our partner schools.  Students must also be participants in Hands On Atlanta’s tutorial and enrichment programs in order to be eligible. However, food is also provided for all children in the household to ensure that no child is unfed.

Each week, Hands On Atlanta volunteers assemble backpacks filled with ready-to-eat meals and snack foods that don’t require refrigeration, such as instant oatmeal, fruit cups, canned meats, juice/milk boxes. Assembly events take place at Hands On Atlanta after orientation and at the sites of corporate sponsors (as employee engagement events). Backpacks are delivered to the children at schools on Fridays.  Children return their backpacks on Mondays, and the process begins again.





Meals 4 Kids serves students who qualify for free/reduced lunch and participate in Hands On Atlanta’s school-based programs, and their siblings. Meals 4 Kids also provides a meaningful volunteer and employee engagement opportunity. It is a simple service activity that orients participants the variety of factors impacting children’s educational outcomes and the ways they can continue volunteering through Hands On Atlanta in order to make a difference.




If you would like to volunteer to help families become more self-sufficient or support activities that provide educational enrichment, call 404-979-2800 for more information.


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