Talk With Me Baby @ Work is an initiative that spreads the importance of language rich interactions. The Hands On Atlanta team is working with a greater collaboration of organizations with the goal of tackling the public health crisis of low literacy scores.




85% of brain development occurs in the first three years of a child’s life. Research indicates the single strongest predictor of academic success is the quality and quantity of vocabulary words children are exposed to. Talking with your baby helps grow your baby’s brain.




Children who miss the opportunity to build a strong foundation in early childhood may experience detrimental effects on the development of critical thinking, vocabulary, and literacy skills. Talk With Me Baby @ Work provides parents and caregivers with the information necessary to build a strong foundation for all future learning.


build a foundation


develop the future

Bringing these sessions to your office is an easy way to align with your company’s core values and support working families. Support parents as they nurture, educate, and engage with their young children to influence both the stability of the current workforce as well as the future employee pipeline. Companies can use Talk With Me Baby @ Work as an employee benefit program to recruit and retain employees, enhance employee engagement, and morale.

“I can honestly say that without these sessions I wouldn’t have known where to find the resources I desperately needed. These kinds of resources are often missed by parents in the workforce.”
— – Talk With Me Baby @ Work Participant



Talk With Me Baby @ Work is a series of three one-hour sessions intended for employees that are parents and caregivers of children ages 0-5. Some notable businesses that have participated to date include the Metro Atlanta Chamber, CDC, Mailchimp, and Atlanta Public Schools.

Hands On Atlanta has trained volunteers who can implement Talk With Me Baby @ Work sessions, ensuring children have high quality experiences in early childhood and build their foundation for future learning. Facilitators can come to your office and are flexible with the dates and times to offer sessions. Majority of host sites choose to offer as a lunch and learn series.

  • Session One: Responsive Interactions, Brain Development and Developmental Milestones

  • Session Two: Becoming your child’s conversational partner, Serve & Return, Parentese, and Tier 1 & Tier 2 Words

  • Session Three: Interactive Storybook Reading


bring TWMB@W to your office


There is flexibility in the delivery of this program as Talk With Me Baby @ Work can either provide facilitators for the sessions or we can train your employees on how to facilitate the curriculum. This program is designed to be very resource- minimal so there will be no cost to your business to host these sessions.


we'll deliver


  • Set dates/time for the three one-hour sessions

  • Act as a liaison between the Talk With Me Baby @ Work program and your employees

  • Have a space that holds 8-12 parents or caregivers, is connected to the Internet, and has the capability to show PowerPoint and videos

  • Promote the program and recruit parents and caregivers of children prenatal to five

  • Trained facilitators, curriculum, and program materials

  • Photocopies and other tools to help communicate and promote the program to your employees

  • Data on the impact of the sessions for your employees as well as anecdotal information on employee experiences or responses

  • Access to other programs and initiatives that support working families and young children



you'll need




To learn more about bringing TWMB@W to your office or organization, reach out to:

Amanda Bisgaard, Family Literacy Programs Manager

p: 404.979.2800 e: