The TeamWorks! program brings together volunteers through service projects and team building activities to create a unique, team-based service learning program. Each Round starts with a Kick-Off (orientation) at the Hands On Atlanta office, where you’ll form teams, participate in Team building activities, and learn the details of that Round’s Projects. 

For the next 6 to 8 weeks, you and your Team will volunteer on Saturday mornings, focusing on a different community issue at a different organization each week. You’ll likely be introduced to organizations and neighborhoods that you have never been to, and be exposed to community issues in a whole new light. 

Each Round includes a Mid-Round Mixer, hosted on a weeknight toward the middle of the Round. And finally, each Round ends with a Closing Project where Volunteers get a chance to share their experiences and brainstorm additional steps toward building a better community.


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To learn more about TeamWorks! and how volunteering is the new black, reach out to our cause-connector who's fluent in sarcasm:

Elaine Hudson, Associate Director of Nonprofit Services

p: 404.979.2800 e: