Starbucks Service Fellows Rise and Grind at Hands On Atlanta


Starbucks and Points of Light team up to pilot an innovative, employer-led nonprofit capacity-building program, providing select Starbucks retail partners (employees) the opportunity to serve with a local nonprofit in their communities

We recently added 2 new friendly faces to the office, thanks to a partnership from Points of Light and Starbucks. The Starbucks Service Fellows is an innovative, employer-led service program inspired and informed by national service. In total, 36 Starbucks retail partners (employees) in 13 cities across the United States will serve with a Points of Light affiliate, collectively providing more than 17,000 hours of community service. Hands On Atlanta was selected as one of the affiliates to help with the initial six-month pilot!

“We believe this bold program, designed in partnership with Starbucks, will redefine corporate engagement and the private sector’s ability to support civic engagement,” said Natalye Paquin, president and CEO of Points of Light.

Listen to our conversation with Maya, Julie and Elaine on this week's episode of The Weekly High 5 to learn more about this program and to catch a few coffee secrets from the baristas!

For this pilot, we're aligning with one of Starbucks’ global social impact priorities: hunger. The Starbucks Service Fellows will be working about 20 hours per week for the next six months helping build volunteer capacity at 10 food pantries as part of our partnership with the Atlanta Community Food Bank. In addition, they'll also be helping with our Meals4Kids program.

"The Starbucks Service Fellows are not just doing direct service, but they are building something Hands On Atlanta is going to use for years to come," said Elaine Hudson, Associate Director of Nonprofit Services. 

The program is a win-win all around. Starbucks worked with Points of Light to match partner volunteers with local affiliates, giving participating organizations the talent and support they need to maximize their impact locally, while enabling partners to serve their communities and gain experience and skills in the nonprofit sector, such as project management, volunteer recruitment, community engagement and stakeholder relationship management.

“Starbucks partners have a passion for service both in and out of their stores. The Starbucks Service Fellows program powers that passion through philanthropy and partnerships to have the greatest impact” said Virginia Tenpenny, vice president of global social impact at Starbucks and executive director of The Starbucks Foundation. 

Left to right: Maya Tannenbaum, Elaine Hudson, Julie Terlemezian

Left to right: Maya Tannenbaum, Elaine Hudson, Julie Terlemezian

Meet the Hands On Atlanta Starbucks Fellows

Maya Tannenbaum (left)

Maya is a junior at Georgia State University pursuing a degree in Social Work. Georgia has been her home for her entire life, but she hopes to eventually travel and live in another major city to help other communities in need. Maya has always had a fascination with society and its inner workings, and can't wait to experience all of the adventures the next six months will bring. She's excited to be working with such a talented team at Hands On Atlanta! 

Julie Terlemezian (right)

Julie Terlemezian has been dedicated to helping others and making the world a better place since her teens, when she spent five years in a leadership role for her youth group in Marietta, Georgia, and later in the Southeast Region. When she attended The Evergreen State University in Olympia, WA, she helped inform and educate the student population as the managing editor for the student newspaper, The Cooper Point Journal. Currently, Julie works as a Shift Supervisor for Starbucks in Sandy Springs. Julie is thrilled to have the opportunity to serve the community as the Starbucks Service Fellow in the Points of Light pilot program with Hands On Atlanta. She resides in Smyrna with her beloved cat Luna.